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Although not allowed in all of our rentals we offer,
we try very hard to accommodate pets in the apartments.

We call our policy, “Under 25, over 25”.
Which means we will allow pets under 25 pounds
and you will agree to pay an additional per month fee in rent for each animal.
We limit the amount of pets to only two This includes dogs, cats, birds, reptiles.
The pets are not to disturb the “Quiet Enjoyment” of your neighbors.
You will be responsible to clean up after your pets
in any common area of the rental complex.

You must also agree to an additional security deposit amount held
with the understanding that upon you vacating the apartment
we will hire a professional carpet cleaning company
to steam clean and deodorize the flooring.
This charge will be deducted from your security deposit.
Any other damage to the unit will be repaired and also deducted from your security.
Any additional costs will be your responsibility
should your security account not cover all of our expenses.
We expect all tenants to abide by
the state, county and local pet licensing rules and regulations.
Certain breeds of dogs will not be accepted.
At the discretion of management, not all pets will be accepted.

All dogs must be leashed in common areas.

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